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A Spectacular July 4th at Blue Sea Motor Inn

This year's July 4th holiday was nothing short of extraordinary at the Blue Sea Motor Inn! Nestled on the beautiful Cape Cod Bay and just minutes away from the charming town of Provincetown, MA, our beachfront resort was the perfect setting for an unforgettable celebration.

Epic Weather and Festivities

We were blessed with epic weather throughout the holiday, providing our guests with endless sunshine and perfect surf conditions. The July 4th parades in nearby Provincetown were a sight to behold, full of vibrant floats and enthusiastic participants.

Fireworks Extravaganza

The highlight of our celebration was undoubtedly the fireworks display in Provincetown. Guests gathered on our private beach to enjoy the breathtaking show, which lit up the sky and reflected beautifully over the bay. It was a magical ending to a day full of fun and festivities.

Fun in the Sun

During the day, our guests took full advantage of the sun-soaked beach. Grilling was a popular pastime, with families and friends coming together to enjoy delicious meals by the shore. Sandcastle building competitions brought out the creativity in everyone, with stunning creations dotting the sandy expanse.

Reserve Your Spot for Next Year!

We were overjoyed to see everyone enjoying themselves and making the most of their time at Blue Sea Motor Inn. If you missed out this year or simply want to relive the magic, be sure to reserve your spot for next year's July 4th holiday. Our rooms fill up fast, so don’t wait! Book now and look forward to another unforgettable celebration with us at the Blue Sea Motor Inn.

We can’t wait to welcome you back next year for more fun in the sun and another spectacular July 4th celebration!

Warm Regards

Shelby & The Blue Sea Motor Inn Team

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